Innovation & Learner Engagement


Department Mission

The Department of Innovation and Learner Engagement is unique in its two-fold approach to supporting the teaching and learning across Riverside Unified School District. The Department of ILE puts programs, practices, and procedures in place for integrating the use of instructional technology and innovative teaching practices into the day-to-day learning of our stakeholders. ILE pilots, evaluates, and scales innovative strategies and programs to increase equitable learning across the district. In collaboration with stakeholders across the district, our goal is to ensure that all students leave RUSD college, career, and world ready, prepared with 21st Century Skills.

Department Values

Customer Service

ILE does not provide products, we emphasize service and meeting our users’ needs. This is accomplished through professional development, hardware and software purchases, and being responsive to feedback from our stakeholders.

Access to instructional technology is essential for every student

Navigating digital resources across the SAMR spectrum (as found in the Guide for Instruction) is fundamental to understanding, participating, and excelling as productive citizens in society.

Student engagement, well-being, and learning

Actively engage our students across the Authentic Learning Spectrum.

Teacher empowerment

Teachers are the most important variable in education. We believe supporting and valuing RUSD teachers is critical to impacting learning.