District Software Purchase Process

What software is currently District approved?

There are many web-based applications that are being used in the classroom today that have not been vetted to ensure that they appropriately handle student information, comply with both State and Federal requirements for Student Data Privacy, or meet the standard or objective they are aiming to meet. In an effort to ensure the right applications are being used, the District has created a vetting process for new and existing applications. The District is partnering with Clever.com to use the Clever Menu as an easy way for Teachers and Administrator to identify District Approved resources that meet the needs of the classroom.

Please check out https://menu.clever.com/riversideunified to see the applications that have already been approved!

But wait, there's more! We are happy to look at any application that you would like to use in your classroom to vet it as well. Please fill out the Google Form below and that will start the process.

What should you look for when looking at new applications?