Google Tools

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Google Basics Training

Redefine the task at hand in a transformational way with collaboration and creation using Google Tools. Check out all the different professional development offerings available within G-Suite for education.

The Google Basics Training is an introductory training for teachers looking to learn how to use Google tools or looking for a skills refresher.

Creation Apps

Google Forms

- Whether you want to send a poll to parents, survey/assess students, or differentiate an assessment based on students’ responses, Google Forms is the tool for you. Learn how to Create questions, enable feedback options, and insert images or videos to assess students. Access the results all in one place, a spreadsheet.

Google Slides

- Do you want to help your students show mastery of content knowledge using Google Slides? Learn the basics about how students can: Use Google Slides as a tool to create, collaborate, and produce presentations anywhere. Add users, include images and videos to engage their peers and easily share their creation with others.

Google Docs

- W.6 requires students to use digital tools to create, collaborate, and publish writing. Learn how Google Docs can foster creation and collaboration with your students.

Google Sites

- Sites allow students to showcase their work in an organized fashion. Sites integrates seamlessly with Google Drive. Students can take site and all Google contents with them when they leave RUSD.

Google Drawings

- Do you remember Microsoft Paint? Learn how students can use Google Drawings as a powerful image creator and editor. Students can collaborate and share easily using Google Drawings.

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Productivity Apps

Google Drive

- Your one stop place for storing all your files. (including content from your computer.)


- Email in the cloud you can access any time, any where that isn't restricted by storage limits.


- Easily manage and share your calendar, with events and reminders.


- Internal text and video messaging (only for teachers).


You don't need sticky notes on your devices anymore, instead use Keep.

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