Technology and Innovation Mentors


As part of the shared leadership system, we would like to empower leaders at our schools to support their peers as schools continue to implement Action Two of the Guide for Instructional Direction 2.0. For the upcoming school year 2019-2020, we will have continue to have Innovation and Learner Engagement Technology Mentors at every school site.

Mentors serve as:

  • The Liaison between school and Innovation and Learner and Engagement –
    • providing feedback and input to the district specific to technology integration, hardware, and professional development.
  • A Lead Learner for that content area of technology pedagogy and integration-
    • A “go to” person for you and your teachers specific to that content area to help with site PD, answer questions, support for teacher colleagues, for technology integration and innovation.

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Not sure who your mentor is for your site? Contact Christalle Hart for elementary sites or Ari Flewelling for secondary sites.


  • Give teachers the opportunity to discuss their ideas, possible course activities, and technologies to enhance their teaching and learning.
  • Train teachers on various applications and services ILE provides.
  • Participants will apply what they learn to their teaching, coursework, and student assignments.
  • Participants will help their peer apply what they’ve learned to affect grade level, department and/or site innovation.


  • Mentors will attend a minimum of 4 full day meetings 8:00AM-3:00PM. Dates for Elementary and Secondary mentors are listed on the pages linked below.
    • ILE will pay for the full day sub.
  • Present 4 one hour voluntary professional development offerings at your site based on Mentor meetings. (ILE will pay the Mentor the Presenter rate for the hour, if outside your regular contract day).
  • Serve as the site representative and contact for Digital Citizenship implementation and completion.
  • Coordinate with ILE for PD requests, technology plan, and other site specific needs.

Important Dates

Schools will be asked to send at least one representative to attend four training sessions throughout the year. All dates are listed below. All sign ups are available via the RUSD PD Sched under Technology Integration.